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April 29, 2010

Changes to Small Molecule Inhibitor displays

A unique identifier for each small molecule inhibitor (SMI) has been introduced. The identifier is the letter J followed by by a five-digit number. These are displayed on the SMI summaries, the SMI index and the inhibitors pages in the peptidase summaries. Cross-references to the University of Alberta’s DrugBank database are now included on the SMI summary pages. Interactions between peptidases and SMIs are now included on the inhibitors pages. This includes not only SMIs for which we have summaries and identifiers, but also other SMIs.

Sequence features

A new page has been added to each peptidase and inhibitor summary to display our predictions of active site residues (peptidases only), metal ligands (metallopeptidases only), extent of the peptidase or inhibitor unit, sequence length, and the source of the sequence used in MEROPS with a link to the relevant primary sequence database.

Changes to substrate displays

It is now possible to filter the list of substrates cleaved by a peptidase to limit the display to either protein and peptide substrates of physiological relevance, proteins and peptide substrates that are not physiologically relevance, or synthetic substrates.

Links to Wikipedia entries

There are now links from peptidase and inhibitor summaries to Wikipedia entries. There is considerable extra data on a peptidase or an inhibitor in Wikipedia because of the effort Wikipedia users have put in to the Molecular and Cellular Biology WikiProject. We at MEROPS encourage our users to register at Wikipedia and to contribute to existing pages and create new pages for peptidases and their inhibitors.