December 24, 2009

New codebase Release 9 of MEROPS will be in two parts. The reason for this is that the software that produces the web pages has been re-written by Matthew Waller and Jody Clements from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute web team. In January 2010 the new data will be published. The release has been done in this way so that any programming bugs can be detected and reliably separated from data errors. The FTP site will also be updated in January. The new software has been designed to resemble the old website, and the changes have mainly been for our benefit, to simplify the maintainence and make it easier to add new features. Users will notice that frames have disappeared, and that the left-hand green menu now scrolls with the rest of the page. Links to external databases now open in the same window so you will have to use the back button to return to MEROPS. References and sequences are now displayed in small windows in the middle of the screen.

Feedback and reporting errors

The MEROPS website now has a ticketing system for reporting errors and making comments. Each page now has a feedback link in the footer. The user will be asked to enter his or her name and an E-mail address when the comment is posted. The user will receive an automated E-mail which should not be replied to. A member of the MEROPS team will then contact the user and when the problem has been fixed the ticket will be closed. The user will receive a second automated E-mail. This should only be replied to if the issue has not been resolved to the user’s satisfaction: the ticket will then be automatically re-opened. Please use this system to report programming errors, broken links and any errors or omissions in the data.

Links to PubMed Central from Literature pages

There are now links from the clan, family, peptidase and inhibitor literature pages to the full text of papers stored in PubMed Central.

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